Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Australia Part II

Wow, it's been a while, I must be enjoying myself. I've spent the last month getting from Brisbane to Sydney via a number of french-owned vehicles, and an unwanted bus ticket.

Here in Sydney I've been taking it easy for The Christmas in a friend's very generously donated apartment. Due to the silly season that's in it, I managed to pick up my second only illness in eight months. All my own doing and probably a good reminder that I'm not bullet-proof after all, before I embark on the final leg of my global galavanting.

So my next trip was to be to Sri Lanka, but I've decided my surfing abilities aren't up to tsunamis just yet, so instead of a month I'll be spending forty five minutes in Colombo en route to Delhi. I have every confidence in the subcontinent to provide me with adequate distractions for that extra month, might try one of those mute retreats for a while. Is it possible to stay silent for a full week!? Who knows, I'm not shaving my hair though...

Those of you that had a White Christmas at home may find it somewhat interesting to know that Christmas Day in Sydney looked something like this...

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